The back of a van is always higher than Studebaker the average passenger the car body type sedan and hatchback, as the main consumer property of a minivan is in the maximum increase the internal volume of the compartment, and in the possibility of transformation of salon at the expense of fold easily removable (and sometimes a swivel) passenger seats. Access the third row of seats is via rear-hinged or sliding passenger door.

Early models of minivans was often limited to only the rear passenger door. To the class of minivans are the vehicles with the number of passengers not exceeding 8 (9 with driver). Cars with a large number of seats apply to vans. For the last twenty years, the minivan has firmly occupied a niche between consumer conventional cars with cargo bodies that are related to the category of In and minibuses belonging to the category D (class M1). VW T1 DELUXE FENSTERBUS MICROBUS Hardtop — in the most General if this term is of North American origin is indicated the set of constructive solutions of the closed body of the car, including the lack of Central pillars and doors, with a fixed (not retractable along with glasses) a rigid framework on the side Windows (and determining is it the first sign is the lack of Central pillars of the roof).

The hardtop is often distinguished as a separate type of body — in this case, it is called, depending on the number of doors, respectively, two or four-door hardtop. The hardtop, however, can be closed various body types — sedans-hardtop, coupe-hardtop, station wagons-hardtop, hatchbacks-the hardtop, and so on. In Germany, the word "hardtop" refers to a detachable hard-top car, and the hardtop in the American sense of the word sometimes referred to as "paleobotany limousine". Body "hardtop" has traditionally been popular in North America and, in lesser extent, in Japan. BUICK SPECIAL RIVIERA 4 DOOR HARDTOP Combi — in German-speaking countries, so we call any body with a door in the rear wall, including sedan, hatchback and liftback; in the USSR "Combi" was named after the car IZH-2125, the type is very close to two-volumetric body liftback, with a rear door designed for the carriage of passengers or cargo (with the rear seats folded).

Name, clearly indicate the origin and destination (combined sedan and station wagon, combining their quality), we did not catch on, even though which lasted for many years, the release of model "IZH-Kombi". Much more widespread foreign word "hatchback", literally "door rear". IZH-2125 Liftback — The hatchback also often incorrectly called a liftback. Meanwhile, it is slightly different body type, different from the classic hatchback (with inclined back door) the greater length of the rear overhang (the liftback as it is in the sedan, and the "hatch" is shorter). Liftback may be three-volume (liftback-the notchback), hatchback it differs, in addition to the length rear overhang, a visual similarity with the sedan (in this case, the body three-volume and the tailgate just Studebaker "going" to the roof.

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