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On the chassis of the famous Italian Bertone's workshop Austin Healey marks the beginning "wear" their body. One of the main "customers" shop were FIAT and Lancia. By the way, all the famous Italian design Bureau its a start in life received from FIAT, but the world glory to them brought, as a rule, work with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. 1953g. Fiat 8V Rapi Berlinetta.

 As is always the case with family homes, to develop the business helped the children. Nuccio Bertone, the second son of the workshop's founder Giovanni Bertone became interested in the family business in youth. In order to draw cars, he dropped out of school at the faculty of Economics of Turin University, where, incidentally, found ability to business. Young Burton understood that the world the economy moves from an exclusive manual labor to standardization and automation of production and what the individual orders will not earn much.

There would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped ideas to be realized – during World war II workshop received the order to manufacture of bodies for sanitary and army vehicles. There was a place for creative projects in 1943 commissioned well-known journalist and racer-lover Giovanni Cernuschi spectacular was made convertible on a shortened chassis FIAT 2800. Car, car — propelled trackless vehicle, designed for movement on the surface of the Earth. For quick and comfortable movement of vehicles build special roads, or hard-surface roads. Two-wheeled self-propelled vehicles, even with the trailer, as well as small three - and four-wheeled self-propelled vehicle hire not. THE KARL BENZ 1885. History create. THE FIRST FOUR-WHEELED CAR "BENZ". MODEL "VICTORIA". 1893 The first known drawings of the car (with a spring drive) belong to Leonardo da Vinci (p. 812R Codex Atlanticus), but neither the current instance, no information about its existence until today came. In 2004 the experts of the Museum of the history of science of Florence could to restore under drawings of this car, proving thereby the correctness of the ideas Leonardo. In the Renaissance and later in several European countries "self-propelled" truck and crews-spring engine built in single numbers to participate in the masquerades and parades.

In Russia in the 1780s years on a project car worked well-known Russian inventor Ivan Kulibin. In 1791 was made a wagon-sumokate, he used a flywheel, brake, gearbox, bearings and so on. In the years 1769-1770 French inventor J. Cuneo built a three-wheeled tractor for the movement of artillery. "The cart of Cuneo" is considered the predecessor not only car, but the locomotive, as it was driven the power of steam. In the nineteenth century the steam-powered stagecoaches and rotary (steam tractors, that is trackless locomotives) for ordinary roads were constructed in England, France and applied in several European countries, including Russia, but they were heavy, hungry and uncomfortable, therefore not widely received. Were individual cases of building cars as luxury items. So, the history of La Marquise (official name — the De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux), built in 1884 and worked by steam-power. The appearance light, compact and fairly powerful internal combustion engine opened broad opportunities for the development of the car. In 1885 German inventor Gottlieb Daimler, and in 1886 his compatriot K. Benz manufactured and Austin Healey patented the first self-moving crews with petrol engines. In 1895 Karl Benz manufactured the first bus with internal combustion engines.

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